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Address: No. 555, Phum Kruos,
Sangkat Svay Dangkum, Siem Reap,
Kingdom of Cambodia

Welcome to Borey Angkor Palace

Welcome to Borey Angkor Palace! Preserve your place now here in Siem Reap. Each apartment is very modern, large and anti-noise. You can find many necessary store, hospitals, and schools around. In addition, there is a large square for you to exercise and relax outside your room.The environment is very beautiful by plantations of trees and cold, clean breeze of air, which is very suitable for your evening hang out.

The apartment is far apart from each other which are very necessary for private life and views. Come at a fair price, you can find many types of apartment depending on the numbers of your family and favor. Contact us now to get your palace!

Angkor Palace Group

Angkor Palace Group :

  • Borey Angkor Palace

    Borey Angkor Palace

    Now our new construction is on the market, Borey Palace Resort. Be fast and reserve your apartment before someone ...

  • Angkor Palace Resort

    Angkor Palace Resort

    One of our primary histories is Angkor Palace resort. It becomes proof of how much we can achieve over the past ten years ...

  • Borey The Premier Angkor Palace

    Borey The Premier Angkor Palace

    In the construction progress, Borey the Premier Angkor Palace will cover a large land area which is even more modern...